Second Hand or Used Plants:

Many oxygen gas manufacturers feel the need to upgrade their oxygen plant capacities for higher production. Increasing demand for oxygen gas is behind such a need. Their existing working plant is available at a much reduced cost to any other gas manufacturer or a new entrepreneur who is interested in starting a small unit initially. We undertake a careful assessment of such plants and only then suggest the same to clients who are interested in buying.

We undertake the following assessment of the used plant before suggesting to our clients:

  • Assessing the existing condition and manufacturing capacity of the running plant.
  • Complete dismantling of the plant from the site.
  • Plant maintenance and overhauling of the used plant to enhance its efficiency and functioning. It entails refurbishing of required spares and machinery.
  • Erection and commissioning of the used plant at your site by a team of well equipped and experienced engineers.
  • Spares back-up and warranty is also given for the efficient functioning of the used plants.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Oxygen Plants:

  • Air Separation Units used for manufacture OXYGEN, NITROGEN and ACETYLENE gas are dependent on either captive consumption in steel units or to supply end users for the welding & cutting industry. Ship cutting and Ship building are also major user of these gases.

  • Some oxygen plants are small industrial units or SMES usually face a crunch of skilled manpower to manage their plants. Also being a SME, they do not require intensive labour manpower for efficient running of the unit. The existing skilled manpower in these SMES are notorious for switching jobs. They are in demand because of their experienced through continuous working in the industry or through some technical knowledge by means of required education.

  • Our company supports a client force of 300 clients in INDIA and overseas. We have a strong supply base for the material such as machinery, spares, accessories and ancillaries required for the Oxygen Plant. In addition our clients request us to provide with manpower to run the units efficiently. Our vast experience in this field and strong support from the skilled staff we have started a new line of services for the labour crunch gas industry. We plan to introduce services to support the client base and provide them with easy workability of plant.

  • We undertake the following services for our clients:-

    • Periodical maintenance schedule- We send our team of experienced skilled labour to first assess the methodology of maintenance thus defining the material and time required for the maintenance.
    • We give suggestions for timely and properly maintenance of the plant with better tips to enhance the production of the running plant.
    • Annual maintenance contract – We enter into AMC with the clients in a fixed routine visit to check the workability of the plant and give lucid suggestions for better productions. This helps the clients to be free form the technical workability and efficiency of the plant as we guarantee them the best production cycle.
    • Minimum spares requirement – Proper maintenance and timely guidance helps in lesser breakdown and minimum requirement of spares as good quality and genuine spares give longer working time.
    • Safety audits are also carried out as per our client requirement.

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